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For over 20 years, Research Affiliates has applied an analytically rigorous approach to equity and multi-asset investment solutions. Informed by innovative research and practical insights and supported by robust infrastructure, our disciplined approach seeks to deliver long-term value and meet the needs of investors in a constantly changing environment.

We partner with leading investment management firms to bring our research insights and strategies to market. Today more than 200 ETFs, mutual funds, commingled funds, and managed accounts use strategies developed by Research Affiliates. 

Equity Index

  • Rules-based, transparent index strategies
  • Systematic processes seeking to harvest long-term sources of excess return
  • Anchor constituent weights on company fundamentals

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Systematic Active Equity

  • Evolving strategies that incorporate our latest research insights
  • Systematic stock selection via value, quality, and momentum signals
  • Model-based implementation designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies

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  • Solutions that seek to improve prospective risk-adjusted returns
  • Systematic investment processes aimed to deliver asset allocation alpha  
  • Partner strategies used to add potential security selection alpha 

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Equity Index Solutions

Systematic Active Equity Solutions


RAE strategies are systematic active equity strategies designed to exploit market inefficiencies via active insights.  


  • Systematic stock selection based on robust mix of value, quality, and momentum signals.
  • Dynamic value exposure designed to capitalize on mean reversion.
  • Thoughtful portfolio construction to optimize efficacy of proprietary signals while controlling for transaction costs.

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RAE Fundamental


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RAE Low Volatility


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Multi-Asset Solutions