Research Affiliates Technology

At the core of Research Affiliates' research, products, and operations is our Technology Group, delivering infrastructure and custom systems to facilitate everything we do.

Our engineering teams practice collaborative engineering with a focus on quality and test.

Within our four technology teams we provide rich opportunities for learning, professional development, and community engagement.


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Technology Group

Building the tools that drive Research Affiliates' products and processes is an engaging and rewarding experience. We emphasize the importance of shared learning and peer review, practicing synchronous and asynchronous code review, and we provide extensive support for professional development and community engagement.

We believe a positive corporate culture is vital to Research Affiliates' success. We place great value on collaboration, curiosity, responsibility, and authenticity. In hiring, we seek people who embrace these values. The result is a friendly, collegial workplace where diversity is embraced, strong opinions are loosely held, and disagreements do not become personal. Our culture is well described in this article.

Information Technology

Cloud architecture and network infrastructure, information security, hardware and systems support, business analysis.

Data Systems

Data engineering and database administration, favoring Python and PostgreSQL.

Investment Systems

Software engineering of investment models and process automation, favoring Python.

Enterprise Systems

Software engineering for web and internal applications, favoring C#, AngularJS, and ReactJS.


Our engineering teams make available to the community innovative open source libraries developed from our work at Research Affiliates.

StaticFrame: Immutable and grow-only Pandas-like DataFrames with a more explicit and consistent interface.

TableCompositor: An XLSX and HTML rendering library for rendering data available in Pandas & StaticFrame DataFrames.

ClassFirstDesign: Tools for using classes without instances.

FunctionPipe: Tools for extended function composition and pipelines in Python.

InvestmentSystems on Github: All open source projects maintained by RA.


Research Affiliates is a Proud Sponsor
of the Python Software Foundation

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Investment Systems

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Data Systems